An exclusive group that teaches you how to attract and intrigue women while dominating your life.

End those lonely Friday nights and get hands-on guidance on how to get the kind of girlfriend you've always wanted.

Hey, I'm Kamilla

I've put this private community together to give you an edge with women.This group is instructional, practical, and effective if you put in the work...and because you get direct access to me, I'm with you every step of the way.

From "I'd Never Date That Guy" to Desirable

The right dating guidance will have women asking "Is he single?"
You can go through a massive physical and mental transformation within 6-9 months. All it takes is committment and professional direction.

From Awkward to Magnetic

The right coach can convert a man from wimpy and submissive to masculine and confident. This alpha is already in you. You need the right catalyst to bring it out. That's what this private group does.

From Self-Destructive to Inspiring

Getting the kind of women you want is a product of developing the right habits, discipline and mindset...three things that this group emphasizes.

Here's What Members Had To Say:

Leo E.
Texas, US

If you are looking for practical and actionable steps to improve your dating life, then this is the group for you! Kamilla does an excellent job at giving you an honest female perspective that I believe most men need to hear. I’ve applied many of her strategies to both my dating and personal life, and the results have been superb!Additionally, the direct access you have to her is amazing! She has helped me navigate various dating scenarios, and provided an objective point of view I can’t really get through friends and family. I’m glad I joined this group and feel very confident in my ability to attract the woman I desire moving forward.

Martin Z.
Toronto, Canada

I started dating again after a breakup and decided to subscribe to Dominate Dating. It has been the best decision.Kamilla really helps you out with every aspect from approaching women in multiple scenarios, clothing, skin care and curated dating app consultation.Dominate Dating gave me a huge boost in confidence. Highly recommended.

Martin L.
Florida, US

Everyone who has ever read Kamilla's work knows that she is a highly intelligent and insightful source of information and advice which transcends dating and applies to personal life success in general. Membership in the Private Members-Only Group gives direct access to Kamilla in a uniquely personal way. For me, during a very difficult time in my life Kamilla offered her very sage thoughtful advice, encouragement and support. She was a constant source of guidance, inspiration and a light in a very dark time.Through the Private Members-Only Group she helped me to write a dating profile which reflected who I am as a person and helped me to attract and meet the high quality woman who I was searching for. Having Kamilla as your Private Members-Only Group mentor and guide is priceless. If you listen to her I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Boutros M.
Doha, Qatar

The content and DM access has been fantastic in Dominate Dating. After joining, Kamilla has provided me with immense support.She’s been answering all of my questions, following up with me and advising me with my situation. She provides a perspective I was missing and is always honest with her advice.

Who is this group for?

Men that want to make women interested in them

Learn how to interact with women, approach them with confidence, and skyrocket your conversational skills.

Men that want to attract a high-quality girlfriend

Understand how to text, where to network, and how to capitalize on the right moment to peak a woman's interest in you.

Men that want to get their life in order

Learn habits, techniques, and systems to look better, be more productive, and develop a bulletproof mindset.

What's Inside Dominate Dating?

The "How To Make Her Want You" Course
+ Ebook Download (ANNUAL PLAN ONLY)

The "Dominate Your Money" Course

Exclusive Weekly Content on Dating, Conversation, Mindset, & Other Topics.

UNLIMITED Direct DM Access To Me To Answer All Of Your Dating and Relationship Questions.

Here's what you'll gain in this members-only group...


  • Get Unlimited DM access to Kamilla M. and have all of your questions answered about dating, relationships, and women.

  • Get tips on having a better sex life

  • Learn how to navigate through a woman's emotions

  • Get guidance on where to take a woman out and how to create a good dating experience


  • Learn how to keep a conversation going during a date

  • Learn how to avoid awkward silences

  • Take texting convos and turn them into actual dates

  • Become a solid conversationalist

Dating Profile Optimization:

  • Get an honest critique of your dating profiles

  • Know what works and what hurts your dating profile

  • Case studies of actual dating profiles

Daygame & Nightgame Strategies:

  • Learn how to approach women during the day

  • Learn how to approach women at bars and other night settings

  • Know what to avoid during a cold approach

  • Examples of opening lines you can use for various situations


  • Build a system that skyrockets your attraction

  • Learn how to use the Compound Effect to boost your confidence

  • Understand essential productivity techniques to maximize your life

  • Get tips on how to increase your productivity and time management

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